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Custom Library solutions ~ Cantelever shelving and Friends mobiles.
Creative solutions for preserving timeless artifacts.
Military - from weapons storage to personal lockers and more.
Pallet Racking, High Bay, Wide Span
Education - From classrooms to facilities to faculty, we have a solution for your storage needs.
Healthcare - Sterile Supply Storage, Pharmacy, and more.
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Food and Beverage - Unique storage solutions for all product types.
Our creative solutions can meet whatever storage needs you may have.


  • Equipment Rooms
  • Maintenance material
  • Samples and Demo items
  • Administration: HR & Benefits
  • Records/files/publications


  • Public and academic
  • Book stacks
  • Archives
  • Special media
  • Special collections

Museums / Archives

  • Two and three dimensional art
  • Textiles
  • Rare firearms
  • Specimens
  • Conventional height and high bay collections storage


  • Weapons
  • Uniforms
  • Field and deployment material
  • High value optics
  • Records and manuals
  • Hundreds of other items

Industrial / Manufacturing

  • Tools and equipments
  • Maintenance and repair parts
  • Coolers and freezers
  • Cores and red line material
  • Dies/molds/patterns


  • Facilities: equipment, maint.
  • Athletics: team equip., uniforms
  • Science: equipment, specimens
  • Music: instruments, sheet music
  • Classrooms: mobile furniture


  • Sterile supply
  • Material management
  • Pharmacy
  • Engineering, maintenance
  • Labs

Public Safety

  • DSM personal duty lockers
  • DSM evidence lockers
  • Evidence archive
  • Weapons
  • Records

Food and Beverage

  • Beer and wine distribution
  • Dry storage
  • Coolers and freezers


  • Country Clubs: golf bag storage



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Spacesaver Specialists - Suppliers

Allied Products

Columbia -Antimicrobial and phenolic personnel lockers

Steel Solutions USA -Antimicrobial modular cabinets and casework

Vidir Machine -BedLift hospital bed storage system. BikeStak bicycle storage system

Dero -BikeStak bicycle storage

Wirecrafters -BikeStak bicycle storage system

ScholarCraft -Classroom furniture and equipment

DSM -Evidence and personal duty locker

Spacesaver Corporation -High density mobile and static storage systems, lockers, cabinets, specialty storage equipment. Storage Partners since 1978.

Rousseau -Industrial cabinets, drawer systems and shelving

Lyon Workspace -Industrial shelving, lockers and cabinets

Fleetwood -Instrumental cabinets, learning walls and library furnishings

Hamilton Sorter -Modular casework and mailroom equipment

Delta -Museum grade cabinets and equipment

Quantum -Plastic bins and containers

Western Pacific and Telezygology, Inc -Rivet and clip style industrial shelving

Rollok -Roll up enclosure doors

National Public Seating -Seating and equipment for music rooms, science labs and cafeterias

Folding Guard -Specialty lockers

Lauyans -Vertical lift modules

Platinum Visual Systems -Visual display systems

Eagle -Waterfall wire shelving and compact systems

Acorn and Wirecrafters -Wire partitions and cages

TSS -Wire shelving and carts for healthcare and hight-tech